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Archaeological and Epigraphical Evidences

When considering Muarajambi region, one must take into account the history of Srivijaya and its historical remains. The physical evidences mainly consist of the complex, various artifacts and statues as well as epigraphical evidences in the form of inscriptions. Archaelogical Evidences The main archaeological evidence is obviously the Muarajambi complex with scattered temple buildings, “menapos” […]

Inscription of Kedukan Bukit

The Kedukan Bukit inscription, which was discovered in Kedukan Bukit on the Talang river bank near Palembang, dates from 683 CE. Kedukan Bukit inscription describes the siddhayatra (victory march) by Dapunta Hyang, together with more than 20,000 troops, celebrating the conquest of Melayu by Srivijaya. At the final section of the inscription, appears the word […]