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Pranidhana Raja: Inscription of Talang Tuo 606 Saka – 684 CE

(1) || svasti °çrī çakavarṣātīta 606 dim dvitīya çuklapaksa vulan caitra ° sāna tatkālāna parlak çrīkṣetra ini ° niparvuat May all be well! In the year Saka 606, on the second day of the clear fortnight of the month of Caitra: It was at that time that the park Sriksetra was built svasti : auspicious, […]

Tracing Indonesia’s Legacy – Muarajambi Region

The 20.62 square kilometres (2,062 hectares) region of Muarajambi spreads across 7.5 kilometres along the Batanghari riverside. A few temples buildings have been identified and a handful have been restored, including Candi Gedong I (65 m x 85 m), Candi Gedong II (76 m x 67.5 m), Candi Kembarbatu, Candi Kotamahligai (estimated 113.60 m x […]

Archaeological and Epigraphical Evidences

When considering Muarajambi region, one must take into account the history of Srivijaya and its historical remains. The physical evidences mainly consist of the complex, various artifacts and statues as well as epigraphical evidences in the form of inscriptions. Archaelogical Evidences The main archaeological evidence is obviously the Muarajambi complex with scattered temple buildings, “menapos” […]