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The Meeting of Acharya Dipamkara Shrijnana and Acharya Dharmakirti in Suvarnadvipa

In his biography, Acharya Dipamkara Shrijnana wrote about his journey to Suvarnadvipa and his meeting with Acharya Dharmakirti which took place in 1013 CE. “In 1012, Dipamkara, in the company of some merchants, (from India) embarked for Suvarnadvipa in a large vessel. The voyage was long and tedious, extending over several months, during which the […]

Other Monastic Universities in India

1. Odantapura “Nalanda was an old establishment – functioning over two centuries as a Mahavihara –when Gopala, founder of the Pala dynasty, built the new city of Odantapura in Magadha, the thought was perhaps in his mind that it should grow to be a centre of Buddhist learning like Nalanda of the Guptas. So he […]

Nalanda Copperplate

The Nalanda Copperplate was issued by a king of Bengal named Devapaladeva in 860 CE. Written in Devanagari and proto-Bengali, the script constitutes a request from a king of Suvarnadvipa named Balaputradeva to build a monastery in Nalanda, where king Devapaladeva offered five villages to maintain the monastery and support the students. The quotations of […]