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Tracing Indonesia’s Legacy – Muarajambi Region

The 20.62 square kilometres (2,062 hectares) region of Muarajambi spreads across 7.5 kilometres along the Batanghari riverside. A few temples buildings have been identified and a handful have been restored, including Candi Gedong I (65 m x 85 m), Candi Gedong II (76 m x 67.5 m), Candi Kembarbatu, Candi Kotamahligai (estimated 113.60 m x […]

Nalanda and Muarajambi

While there are many similarities between the complex of Muarajambi and Nalanda, not many comparative studies have been made between the two, let us thus consider the similarities. As was the case with Nalanda, which served as an important seat of learning in India at the time, there is a possibility that in Indonesia during […]

Muarajambi and Contemporary Teachings

Historical accounts indicate that many overseas pilgrims, including I-Tsing, Wu-Hing spent many years in Srivijaya, preparing for further studies in Nalanda or other seats of learning in India. I-Tsing himself stayed in Srivijaya for 10 years. Some scholars pursued their studies in Srivijaya, then returned and taught in India as well as other places, such […]